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 Server Rules!

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PostSubject: Server Rules!   Mon Feb 11, 2008 2:19 pm

Updated Rules : 28 / 01 / 08

:: Interaction Issues ::

1- Listen to GMs
2- Report issues with GMs, not owner. Only report issues about a GM to Horgh or Zeus.
3- Dishonesty to Admins or GMs is a bannable offense.
4- Impersonating any staff member is an instant ban.
5- Impersonating a player without using quotation marks will result in punishment.
6- Being rude to Admins or GMs, whether in local chat, whispers, or world chat is not allowed.
7- Insulting a Admin or GM anywhere is a bannable offense.
8- No swearing in any language on public chat channels. Be polite on the channels.
9- No talking in colored text over public chat channels.
10- No verbally (chat/whisper/forums) harassing other players and/or issuing real life threats.
No racist comments anywhere (in-game or on the forum).
11- No hacking of any sort - this includes speed hacking, wall climbing, autobots or crashing the server.
12- No advertising any other servers on HorghWoW.
13- Trivia bot in world chat banned, make a separate channel for it.

:: PvP Issues ::

1- Please leave the start areas free of high level PvP or ganking.
2- PvP in start areas will result in punishment if you're caught (who/why/how does not matter).

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Server Rules!
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